I have been lucky to have the opportunity to extend my skills through the UTS Masters of Design faculties. Having the guidance and leadership from the DAB faculty members including Dr Joanne Jakovich, Dr Bert Bongers and Dr Jochen Schweitzer has been really beneficial in my learning. I would like to combine those experiences with another unique experience, working with collaboratively colleagues and co-workers, and other students to further my learning outcomes and opportunities by attending one of the leading universities in the world, Technology University Eindhoven, Netherlands. This will develop my skill set particularly in Interactivation and Human-to-Computer Interactions, which is my major and also further my understanding in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


I have done two short workshop exchange trips overseas with the uLab in Innovation and Entrepreneurship under Dr Joanne Jakovich, first Semester in China and this semester in Indonesia. This has enhanced my understanding and learning greatly and provided opportunities for education that I would not have had otherwise. I would like to extend these opportunities next year as part of my degree in my major.


I have already demonstrated that I am a trusted ambassador for UTS, as I have participated in the China dallian workshop facilitating community development and recycling resourcefulness in a rapidly expanding city. I have also worked on the Indonesia exchange in conjunction with build exchange students to further develop economic independence into Banda Aceh and they youth community in conjunction with Rotary and other large organisations. I have represented and presented to government officials at each of these and have represented UTS and its principals of learning and leadership at each of these.

I have had the fantastic opportunity this semester to be a part of a teacher’s aid under Dr Schweitzer in the undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship class. This has given me the chance to transfer knowledge and learn through teaching, as well as learning how to mentor and guide other students. This has given me a head start, if overseas a situation arises where I might be able to teach.


I have a unique skill set which I have developed in a few very short years. I have the technical knowledge from a design background in Animation and Graphic Design as well as a thorough IT skillset. I am interested in taking this further and applying to the integration of design and human centred thinking into areas that interest me, like science, working with people with a disability and entrepreneurship opportunities. These areas will allow me to be out and about interacting with the community in a broader sense and also in university projects where I will be able to facilitate and learn.


Dylan Mighell  ||