My role as a designer is someone who has many skills, can adapt to any situation and I can motivate and be motivated by those around me. I have been described as being discerning, perceptive, considerate, expressive, intuitive, engaging and observant. I am motivated towards my goals and it takes me a while to choose a project but once I have chosen something I put all of my efforts towards that project.


I am a very guarded person who does not show his true emotions that easily, I have thought a lot about my character, who my friends are and it takes time to get to know me well. This comes from me being an only child, who is comfortable with my own thoughts and does not share as often as some other people. I am not the best public speaker but I find that I excel in group projects because I deliver perceptive insights into the group.


I find myself studying and observing the world around me, not just the environment but also how people interact with each other around me. I have got a keen sense of how people think and the psychology of social, behavioral and cognitive ways that make up human nature. Curiosity killed the cat, people are curious in all aspects of their lives and I like to think of myself as a curious person and explore everything around me.


I have done a lot in a short amount of time but with that I have experiences with many different things but I lack the experience that a full-time job for an extended amount of time would bring. I thoroughly enjoy teaching in all aspects whether it is with children or with students in both high school and university. This is something that I would like to continue to focus on in my future, and also maybe go back to study so that I can work in a school.


My undergraduate degree influenced my decision to continue studying because it was a very specific area of study, what it did teach me was a wide range of skills that I am now applying and adapting as a designer. The one thing I regret not learning through this is programming and the ability to prototype via code.


My masters ended up being one of the most enjoyable things I have studied and the knowledge that I have gained interpreted and understood is paramount to who I am growing into. Every subject I undertook was intuitive and diverse but the subject I took to the most was uLab innovation and entrepreneurship. It takes from Stanford University and IDEO’s design thinking methodologies and a human centered design thinking point of view. Where we take into consideration empathetic research and we follow a guideline of empathy, define the problem, ideate, prototype and test.



My projects with Dr Bert Bongers in the Interactivation studio have opened my eyes to the world of HCI and HTI. The study of interactions in the world not just with technology but also with people is what I have been trying to focus on. I see these two classes as my two main influences as to where I want to go as a designer.


Why I want to be a designer is something that is considered cliché, but I would like to have an impact on the world somehow. Change people’s perceptions of a subject or a group of people, discover something or create a product that then generates new ideas and designs. As the world is changing quickly in terms of technology, innovation and new ways of thinking so too, as designers, we need to keep up and stay in front of all of these.

“But I find that for myself, without exception, the more I deal with the work as something that is my own, as something that is personal, the more

successful it is.”


Marian Bantjes

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