DB310: Interaction Design for Children.

I chose this module because of my experience with children with Cerebral Palsy in my thesis. I wanted and needed to experience how children without a disability learned and how they interact with others. The competency areas for this module included user focus and perspectives as well as designing research processes. This forced me to think conceptually which I have a lot of experience doing but it also forced me to think theoretically in terms of the concept and how children and teenagers would think of it. This in itself is quite difficult as I am not Dutch, but I still learnt a lot.


I have studied the psychology of play and how children learn in the past, and was happy to continue to study developmental psychology in the beginning of this module. It was challenging taking theoretical ideas about how children learn and applying them to a design case with new and innovative products. It was a learning experience applying a design idea to a design concept not in production as of yet. The most valuable aspect of this module was through the thinking in each of the teams and the way they approached the design brief. As this was one of my goals for this semester it was a great opportunity for me.


The most challenging aspect of this module was also the group work as each person had a different way of approaching the brief. The different ways the team members approached the brief and subsequent design idea were different but in the end we worked together as a team and finished the project off on a strong note. This module was a great learning experience for me and even though I have done research and work into this subject in the past it was still great opportunity.



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