Persuasive Games: The Moral Racket.

My choice to do this project this semester was motivated by my abilities to connect with a client and motivate a project. What I expected from this semester, even before I started was a project unlike anything I have completed in the past. Having come from a thesis that worked with children with Cerebral Palsy, my goal was to complete a project that could be tested, reiterated and designed to a specific subject area. The client Stop The Traffik, have been very helpful in the project with any information that was needed. I expected from myself in the very beginning to complete both a research and design project from this semester. This was my own personal goals for my exchange semester, but having started at TU/e and looking into more depth this project area, a design project was going to be easier to both complete and finish within the short amount of time I had.

My goals for this semester and within that what I had hoped to achieve from those goals, were completed within the confines of this semester. The two main goals were to complete a project from start to finish and also discover more design thinking strategies and different ways of looking at design as a whole. Both I was able to complete within my project, but what is peculiar is that even though I completed the project by myself, the stages of being in a design team were evident throughout. As the coaches, clients and feedback from the user testers almost made up the other equal parts of a fully functioning design team. This helped me to increase my skills with receiving feedback and then making changes to a design.

The most challenging aspect of this semester was the making of the prototype. In retrospect it should have been done professionally by a business card printing business, this would have sped up the process trifold, but with speeding up the process then drives the costs up. The other challenge in the beginning of the project was without having met the client and seen or heard from what they had to say or know which direction they were headed, it was difficult to judge in which direction to take the project. In this, next time the client meeting would be first priority to the design process as this would represent the empathetic research. Also there were so many iterations to the prototypes that it would be too time consuming to send everything to a professional printer as well as the costs with every print.

Overall the board game could not have turned out any better. Overall I am very happy with the end result which for a perfectionist in his work, is no small task. From this point on in the future, I will be continuing this game with the help of the client as I return to Sydney. I hope to switch from Stop the Traffik Netherlands to the Australian division to keep working on it and see where the project continues on.



Dylan Mighell  ||