DB220: The Daemon Module.

I chose this module because I had some experience with Processing and Java from my thesis when I hacked a Kinect. It was not what I expected though, as all of my fellow classmates were a lot more advanced in programming and within the first day I felt left behind. Before entering the module in the description it states that there will be room for non-technical roles within the teams, being as this were to be the case I thought it would give me a nice challenge. The level of programming and sophistication required was far above my skill level, but I was able to take another role within the team which was organiser for the system in which we built. So while the team were busy trying to push the capabilities of the program, I was able to use my skills as a game designer and completely built a model for a game in which people play against each other within the morning ritual of alarm clocks and snooze buttons.

This turned into a system kind of like the internet where people share, like and continue a wave system among other fellow players. This module allowed me the freedom to manage a team but at the same time not have overall control of which direction we were trying to go. The competency areas for this module were integrating technology, DMM and social cultural awareness. For me personally I think the most I got out of this module was through how different cultures interact and why certain things get shared and liked around the world on the internet.


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