Where I want to go in the future, as a designer is to motivate people to get the best out of themselves as well as get the best out of myself. I want to express myself creatively and engage the user and audience with everything that I do. While observing the world around me, I would like to take this a step forward and create a way to record all of it. Consider the world around us, if there were ever a way to record everything that we see, smell, hear, taste, feel; it would change people’s perceptions about what they do and where they go. How people interact with the world around them is something that I would like to continue to be involved in and change some of these interactions to be more for the user rather than for a company.


When it comes to my design work, I would like to continue to develop my motivation for continuing and finishing projects, which is something that I lack the skill to do. The interactions of this world, people to people, people to technology and people to the environment is something that is often overlooked, and it is in my vision to continue to observe these interactions and ask why and how to develop them. I am my own biggest critic when it comes to my own personal design work and when I have invested a lot of time to something it is never quite finished. What I end up doing is taking on more work than I can handle, not finishing it and then being disappointed in myself. What I hope to complete this coming semester is a project that is finished.


I hope within the next five to seven years to complete my PHD that is an extended version of my thesis on the social skill development of children with cerebral palsy. Finding funding so I can complete a study and come up with my own theories instead of adapting some from previous studies completed on children without a disability. This is something that I am passionate about and continuing to develop this into a tangible, personalized product in the future.

Dylan Mighell  ||