DB116: Visual Conversation.

This module was enjoyable, benefical to my studies and the most productive towards my skills that I learnt. The reason why I chose this module is based on my goal for this semester with which design teams and experiencing different people's ways of thinking about design. Visual conversation was all about collaborating through different mediums in order to complete a design brief. This module was also different as it was run over a period of two weeks allowing teams to complete sketches, receive feedback and then re-iterate their ideas towards the final demonstration in the second week.

As I am not an industrial designer this module helped immensely with understanding how different types of designers think and approach a design brief. Sketchdrive provided an opportunity to test if having a visual conversation online is feasible and able to finish a design brief, in my opinion it is possible if all members of the team are able to put in as much effort as the others. The most valuable and challenging aspect came through the team work and through the way in which the teams collaborated. Through this, I was able to observe that most if not all the teams struggled and were relying on Facebook or one of the other text based chat programs in order to communicate in real time. I was able to extend my design skills through this module and was able to finish the project brief by the end of the two week module.


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